Important News : Aggie has Moved


So I’ve finally decided to move home ,well my virtual home I mean. Nothing changes, all is the same, all my posts and sketches remain the same, only my address has changed. So you’ll find everything is still available to you. Looking forward to seeing you there and remember to subscribe so you get every [...]

My Kitchen Came to Life!

2am Doodles Aggie Lim

For whatever reason my mind was active and although I went to bed and slept, I only slept for about an hour before I got up and stayed up. What often runs through my mind is the multitude of creative things I could be doing in way of sketching mostly. Staring into the Kitchen I [...]

Me Time at Freshwater Bay

Mosman Bay Sketching Aggie Lim

I was having a bit of me time so I took a little drive to the river.  My favourite paddling spot, Freshwater Bay in Mosman Park. But this is my third time sketching here. I just love the peacefulness of being here.  It’s a fantastic place to just ‘be’! I have to confess,  I did [...]

How I Cured My Monday Morning Blues

Monday Morning Blues Sketch

I spent the weekend with a horrid cold and a streaming nose and now Monday is here I was tired of being sick. Fortunately for me I live by the beach so when hubby said “I’m going for a quick dip. Do you want to come? I think it’ll be good for you”  I thought [...]

The Beach Life

Seascape Sketch Aggie Lim

It’s been nearly two years since I moved back to the coast after many years of inner city living. I have to say my initial reluctance and hesitation in giving up the cafe strips and the ease of the more cultural life style was far out weighed with a life by the beach. I’ve seemed [...]

Gong Xi Fa Cia!!!

Happy Chinese New Year Aggie Lim Artist

Happy Chinese New Year of the Goat!! Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and prosperous year!! I love Chinese lanterns,  especially at Chinese New Year.   Related posts: My New Suburban Bali Hide Away What is #DrawHappy365?

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is all around!! Related posts: Aggie’s Not Happy! Day 9 # DrawHappy365 Happy Christmas in July! I’m Drawing Happy and Not Counting!! ….Because I’m Happy!

Climbing at Mountain Quarry : Eliminate the Fear

Mountain Quarry

“…….. in the third person and it eliminates the fear” I’ve been to Mountain Quarry once before.  About 30 mins from the climbing gym set in the foot hills of Perth. Given it’s December you would think that the temperature would be quite warm for a late afternoon in a quarry, but it’s still cool [...]